Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Angelpack LX

Today Lauren and I tried out the Angelpack. We have had it at our house for a while now, but only tried it on around the house.

First of all, I love the way it looks, the colours are great and it's reversible. The seat is nice and wide, and it reaches from knee to knee on Lauren. The body is pretty tall, with the little flap up, it reaches to the top of Lauren's head. I would put the flap down when she was awake, and up when she was sleeping. I didn't use the sleepyhood that it comes with.

It was very easy to put on, you just clip on the waistbelt, then hold your child against you, and put the straps over your shoulders. I made a cross on my back with the straps. It was pretty comfortable. I had it on for about an hour and a half, and walked around the mall.
It's definitly not as hot as my Girasol Jungle. And Lauren seemed to enjoy it. She even fell asleep, and that's always a good test here.

Overall I would definitly use it again, I will actually bring it to the cottage next week, and see if I can convince my husband to try it.
But I'm a wrap kind of girl, I love the way the wrap sits on my shoulders better then the Angelpack, I found the straps slid towards my neck a bit too much. But maybe I should try it with the straps like a backpack.
I will have to try it on my back as well, that will be for another time.

Has anyone else tried this carrier? What did you think of it?

With the flap up.

Asleep in the Angelpack

With the flap down.

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